Monday, May 18, 2009

Guess what?

My mother is coming tomorrow.

She is sweet and skinny and loves nature-- like birds and flowers and such. When I say she is skinny I mean like she has the skinniest legs you have ever seen but also she has pointy ta-tas. A rare combo if I should say.

This is a picture of her and my sister before I was born. She was a stay at home mom who sewed clothes for herself and her children. She wore dresses and skirts each day. By the time I was born the 70's had taken their grip and she traded in all her dresses for a pottery wheel she would set up in the kitchen. We moved to Hawaii and went to the beach everyday. She would wear a brown bikini with white palm leaves on it. When we moved from there her life really changed. I didn't know this at the time as I was still pretty young. We moved back "home" to Connecticut and soon she was working full time. As soon as she got home she would unhook her bra and put on a big T-shirt and my brother and I would yell at her to put pants on. Is this too much information? But this is my mother. And she is coming here tomorrow.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What fun you will have! I love your new banner, too! You have lots of neat props at your house! Enjoy your visit! Your mom sounds like my kind of woman!

The Dadman Diaries said...

Nana is now in your backyard, done frightening our children with her summertime boob-tube tops and the pretzel-like way she can wrap her oh-so-skinny legs around each other when she crosses them....David still doesn't quite understand she has gone "bye-bye" and Matthew is having a hard time going to bed tonight. Michele has Law and Order on and has since about 2pm today. And, me? Me? I feel an emptiness that only a mother can replace.. But we are so lucky to have had her here for so long. Our mother has a truly special, understanding, giving heart. Even though it really is creepy how she can wrap her legs around each other like she does!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

What a funny story about your mom! Too much info? Nah, it gives us all something to chuckle about and get going on our day with a smile on our face! Humor is what keeps us young, and of late I could use an extra dose of humor to help me in that department. Nice post! ciao, Debby P.S. have fun with your mom visiting!!!